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With our project we want to motivate STEM students to successfully complete their studies by giving them insights into potential fields of employment, enabling direct contact with companies, and carrying out individual assessments. In concrete terms, MINTERFACE provides

– a homepage that presents all kinds of useful information for students: from companies, alumni and recent interns and about our own program of activities, including information about opportunities to study abroad

– a stimulus for students to apply for internships, by inviting industry experts to talk about their jobs, career experiences and career opportunities in their companies

– face-to-face contacts also via company visits and tours

– interest and aptitude assessments with the goal of matching student interns with companies

These four fields are mirrored in our logo: inform. motivate. advise. connect



In 2015 the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft launched a Germany-wide competition called Praxis MINTernational. It would grant funding to the most promising project ideas for giving international STEM students at universities in Germany concrete opportunities for more practical experience during their studies. 6 projects were finally awarded, among them MINTERFACE, led by Prof. Dr. Rita Borromeo Ferri (Mathematics Education) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Meister (Analysis and Applied Mathematics) of the University of Kassel. The project idea won over a jury consisting of business experts as well as representatives from business organisations and institutions of higher education.

The award ceremony took place on 12 October 2016. The target group for MINTERFACE are STEM students at the University of Kassel, and international STEM students in particular.


We hope to win over many more stakeholders to our cause: connecting students with companies. The MINTERFACE concept can also be transferred to other universities.

If you are interested in supporting and establishing the project, we look forward to a message from you. Please get in touch with the contact form at the bottom of the page.


We see this website as one of MINTERFACE’s first achievements. 4 STEM students from Kassel were offered internships by Micromata in September 2016. With the help of team members from Micromata, who had enthusiastically decided to support the MINTERFACE idea by providing their expertise, these interns designed and developed the MINTERFACE website within only one month. However short that time seems, they learned a lot about their own skills and competences and were introduced to many new working methods and techniques at Micromata.

Through the internship I found that I can work creatively, and that is something I want to do in future. (Eric Kutscher)


In the context of career services, “matching” means finding “matches” between a company’s needs and the applicant’s qualifications and skills. It is important for the company as well as applicants that there be a strong match, so that both may be happy with their choices. We strongly recommend that you use the occasion of searching an internship to consider closely: What are your particular competencies within your field of study? What ways of working that would suit your personality? What would you certainly not be willing to do? Nowadays you will find a lot of websites that offer web-based forms of matching.

The “matching” via MINTERFACE relies on face-to-face contact with the people we invite to do presentations, or whom you will meet during the company visits that we organize. These will give you first impressions of possible workplaces. We also offer individual appointments, during which we aim to determine where your preferences lie, and counsel you on potential employers. We focus not only on your academic skills, but also take your personality into consideration. If you are interested in arranging an appointment, get in touch with us via the contact form.